An excellent business opportunity given the opportunity to acquire production fractions that will give you a rent from 1st harvest; planted with certified vines since 1942 ideal for those interested in gradually enter the wine business, who will obtain participation in a trust whose purpose is the production, processing and marketing of premium wine.


As an alternative to this first proposal we are able to offer you participation of 19 hectares lots that are prepared to implant in them during August 2014, 5 bulked Malbec specially selected to produce exclusive wines of superior quality.


An area of 100 hectares are being prepared for the next stage of implant that will take place during 2015; since the planning and realization process of the network infrastructure required for fractions of Residences, Villas, Hotel Spa with Bodega/Winery and Cavas of our enterprise, demands it to be done.



An excellent business opportunity given the opportunity to purchase fractions of production with an income from the 1st harvest; planted with vineyards.



The exclusive area includes fractions with approximately 1ha vineyard and suitable for the construction of luxury residences; with all the facilities and comfort.



Strategically placed in two distinct sectors, Villas represent an interesting investment alternative for those who wish.



The only development that will feature an exclusive Spa Boutique Hotel located on Bodega/Winery Cavas and with their own Cavas. The posibility to be an investor in this important development.




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